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Item #0101W: 1985 Hobart DCC-353-P Welder

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Hobart Welding Trailer

  • MFG: Hobart
  • Model: DCC-353-P
  • Serial: 518859


  • Dual Wheels
  • Printle Hitches
  • Air Brake Connectors
  • 2 Ton Trailer, Will pull nicely with a 2 1/2 ton, 5 ton or commercial trucks.
  • Contentious 350 AMP with a Perkins Diesel Powered Welder with wire feed.


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Disclosure Requirements

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The requirements are specified in title 13, California Code of Regulations, section 2025 which directs the seller to make the following text available to the buyer:

“An on-road heavy-duty diesel or alternative-diesel vehicle operated in California may be subject to the California Air Resources Board Regulation to Reduce Particulate Matter and Criteria Pollutant Emissions from In-Use Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles. It, therefore, could be subject to exhaust retrofit or accelerated turnover requirements to reduce emissions of air pollutants.” For more information, please visit the California Air Resources Board website at

184" x 96" x 84"


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