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Item #0030: Katadyne PUR 35 Reverse Osmosis Desalinator Emergency Water Maker

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Katadyne PUR 35 Reverse Osmosis Desalinator Emergency Water Maker

This Desalinator has never been used and is still in its original styrofoam packaging.  However, it has been in storage for a few years without its yearly biocide treatment.  Katadyne states that it will need a new membrane, but the hoses are all in brand-new condition. 

  The new membrane can be purchased from Katadyne for around $350.00 and is easy to install.  A fully-documented manual may be downloaded from Katadyne's website as well, at

  A must-have for anyone with a boat, especially sea-going; This is a hand-powered pump desalinator which uses reverse osmosis to remove salt from water. 

  It comes with 1 laminated instruction card, and makes approximately 1.2 gallons of drinkable water an hour.  It's very light weight at only 7 pounds. 

  The instructions show how to install, treat, and clean the biocide that is needed for preservation and stop bacterial growth.  The biocide should be replaced yearly.

  Katadyne sells these brand new for a little over $2,500.00 U.S. dollars.

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