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Item #C003MV: M816 Truck Wrecker, 5 Ton, 6x6 with Cummins 6-Cyl. Diesel 250hp and Front/Rear Winch and Wrecker Boom

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M816 Truck Wrecker, 5 Ton, 6X6, with Winch

Now this is Military Surplus!  For Sale today:

This truck is in fantastic condition. 

M 816 Truck Wrecker, 5 ton, 6x6 with Winch.  
NSN 2320-051-0489
Serial # 05D-36471 C127-11047

Manufactured by General Products Division of Jeep Corporation

Powered by a 6 cylinder Cummins diesel engine.  250 hp

With front and rear winches, and wrecker boom. 

M816 Chassis: The M816 chassis has two rail beams, six reinforced cross members and a revolving hydraulic crane. This crane has an extending, self-supporting boom. Outriggers provide stability when the boom is in use. When the outriggers are down, the M816 can lift 20,000 pounds. Without the outriggers, the truck can lift 10,000 pounds. Towing Capacity: The M816 can recover or tow up to 5 tons. It is equipped with a front winch with a 10,000 pound capacity and a rear winch with a 20,000 pound capacity. General M816 Specifications: The M816 is a powered with a Cummings NHC-250, 250 horsepower, six cylinder diesel engine. It has a manual 5 speed transmission and a 2 speed transfer case. The M816 attains a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour, and it gets roughly six miles to the gallon.

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