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Item #C0506: Marathon Trash Compactor RJ-250SC-HT Self Contained

Item Price: $8,000.00
Item Location: 4514 Pacific Heights Rd. , Oroville, CA 95965
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Model RJ-250SC-HT Ram Jet

Serial 406419 03

Year 12/2004 03

Force Pounds 49500

Very good condition self contained Hydraulic compactor bailer. 

Self contained, Hydraulic tail


Used Marathon RJ-250 SC 03 Trash Compactor with:

  • State-of-the-art in roll-off self-contained compactor, featuring oversized feed opening and expanded container storage capacity. Designed to store and transport your waste, prevent contamination of public areas in accordance with health department requirements, improve working conditions for your employees, and reduce disposal costs. 
  • 41 inch x 58 inch feed opening to handle large, bulky items
  • Continuous feeding capability - even while the compactor is operating
  • Adaptable to special loading systems such as large-capacity hoppers, security chutes, or total enclosures
  • More than 24 tons of crushing force to reduce refuse to a fraction of its former size
  • Fire hose connection
  • Cycle time: 33 seconds
  • Total normal force: 33,900 pounds
  • Total maximum force: 49,500 pounds
  • Normal ram face pressure: 27.1 psi
  • Maximum ram face pressure: 33.7 psi
  • Ram penetration: 6 inches

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