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Item #9402: Mixed Logic Studio Electronics Sound Board Gambel DCX 60

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Gambel DCX 60 console system

Mixed Logic Studio Electronics Sound Board

Gamble DCX 60 console system for auction sale.

60 input cards

8 sub/aux cards

1 master card

1 cue card

8 matrix cards

1 interface card



Frequency Response: 1/2Hz to 200kHz. (Inputs to Subgroups to Master Outputs)
(Compatible with formats up to 24 Bit, 384kHz Sampling Rate.) 

No Perceptible Distortion, Low Noise Throughout. 

No Capacitors in the analog signal path. 

Module Inputs and Outputs are all Balanced,
 Utilizing "Analog Devices" 
op-amps, laser trimmed to 0.005% (90dB of common mode rejection ratio).
Up to 1000 feet of wire on any Balanced Input or Balanced output on the DCX System 

Balanced Bussing with low noise Summing Throughout.
No active components on the DCX Backplane System

DCX power supplies are linear (no switching supplies)DCX 60 typically 15 amps @ 120 VAC

12,435 On-Screen Controls 
216 On-Screen VU Meters, 584 On-Screen Peak-Clip Indicators 
1,056 TT Jacks on the modules, 576 TT Jack Patchbay 

Module Parts Count
50,505 Resistors, 18,910 Capacitors 
7,329 Diodes/Transistors, 12,331 IC Packages 
18,222 Miscellaneous Parts 
110,873 Total Parts in the DCX EVENT 60 Modu

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