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Item #C001TG: Solar Saturn Bemac Turbine Generator, 800kw, 1202Amp, 3 Phase, 1200RPM

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Solar Saturn 800kw Bemac Turbine Generator Set

    A turbine generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Turbine generators can create electricity using the mechanical energy from many different things: wind, water, steam, fossil fuels, even a human can supply the force needed to produce electricity from a turbine generator. Whatever it may be, for a turbine generator to function it must collect mechanical energy from an outside force. The unit is currently set to use kerosene but can be converted to use gas or diesel fuel. Below are details of what comes with this unit and some specs.

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  • Solar Turbine Generator Set, 800kw
  • Model: T-1020S-75
  • Serial : S426051
  • Engine Serial: 21386
  • Turbine Assembly : 907610C91
  • Generator: EM Bemac II Generator Serial #: 369153411
  • Total Hours: 5150
  • kW: 800kw continuous / 900kw Standby
  • kVA: 1000
  • Volts: 480
  • Amps: 1202 Amp, 3 Phase, 1200RPM
  • Includes: Air Filter Glide Pack, Starting Controller, Bus Connection, Turbine Exhaust, Turbine Exhaust Alignment, Turbine Breaker and Fuel Controller.

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