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Item Description:

John Deere F930 riding lawnmower

72 inch cutting deck

2 WD

Gas powered


Weight:  1,880 Lbs


Hours:  2080

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Item Description:

Beautiful 1970 Tandem Axle wire pulling trailer.  We cleaned it up with some paint and had our mechanic and hydraulic guys give it the ok.  Equipped with like new tires, it is ready to go back to work. What more is there to say?  Make an offer today or call Rob at 530.570.9925 with any questions.



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Item Description:

6 Door Hazardous Materials unit.  

Sump Floor, Blast lighting, Blast roof, wet and dry Fire Suppression, and Ventilation fan.

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Item Description:

3 Stage Mast 83" extends to 190"

LP fuel power

5,000lbs lift capacity

2714 hours



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Item Description:

Premier gear lathe for wood burl cutting

Serial VL-61

For immediate sale is a very good condition wood burl lather made by Premier out of Portland Oregon.  

This lathe has recently been in production and is in very good refurbished condition.  The last owners took very good care of this fine equipment and the condition and care shows.  

The Lathe has been recently moved so it is not currently under power, but veneer sheets from the last cutting can be inspected.  

This lathe is ready to work and is very rare to find one for sale, let alone in this fine condition. 


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Item Description:

Shear/Clipper  for Wood Burl veneer.  

The condition of this shear is very good.  It is very well taken care of.  It was used in conjunction with a Premier Gear lather in the productin of wood burl veneer production.  


Model CKV-001  / KVG-9


Serial 0124-96.05

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Item Description:

 Burkle Press used in burl wood veneer production.  


Serial 76-310246


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Item Description:

1996 JLG 40'


We purchased this JLG 40 with the intent to resell it.  Unfortunately, when we got it we discovered it had motor issues.  Our loss is your gain. We have had the motor completely rebuilt.

This man lift has been operating without issues for several months at our location and has become the employees favorite.  We are still going to sell it despite their protests and efforts to hide it around the yard to keep it out of sight and mind.

The lift is propane powered and suitable for use inside.  The tires have good tread and do not leak.  Basically, this is currently operational and in use at our location, so it is going to be operational off of the trailer at yours.



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Item Description:

6X6 Military Deuce and a Half Truck. 2 1/2 Ton M35A2

Powered by a white 6 cylinder, turbo multifuel engine.  

5 speed Transmission with a high and low transfer case

10 wheels touching the ground, all powered 6X6. 

Air locker for front differential. 

25,972 Miles Indicated

9.00-20 Military Tires




Disclosure Requirements

California sellers of vehicles subject to the regulations must notify the buyer that the vehicle may be subject to retrofit or accelerated replacement requirements and to print the disclosure on the bill of sale, sales contract addendum, or invoice. In addition, the seller must keep records of the disclosure notice for three years for each buyer. Sellers should provide the disclosure prior to the sale so that the buyer can be aware of the regulation when making a purchase decision.

The requirements are specified in title 13, California Code of Regulations, section 2025 which directs the seller to make the following text available to the buyer:

“An on-road heavy-duty diesel or alternative-diesel vehicle operated in California may be subject to the California Air Resources Board Regulation to Reduce Particulate Matter and Criteria Pollutant Emissions from In-Use Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles. It, therefore, could be subject to exhaust retrofit or accelerated turnover requirements to reduce emissions of air pollutants.” For more information, please visit the California Air Resources Board website at

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Item Description:


This is a "Door Lite" Over-arm, Swing-arm Router use to cut holes in over-head door panels. The router is 1.5HP, 1725RPM, powered by 115V, 1Ph. This could be used to cut-out holes out on counter-tops as well.

Table-W: 30" / 762mm

Table-L: 60" / 1,524mm

Power: 1.5 hp / 1.1 kW

RPM: 1725 rpm
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Item Description:

78' x 12' Pressurized rail car storage vessel.  Built in 1962 to rail car standards, this pressurized tank is designed to hold a working pressure of 115 psi.  It was last inspected in 2012 and found to be in generally the same condition as manufactured.  

This tank could also be used to store propane gas.  

See documents tab above for current inspection document, and other relevant documents about this fabulous tank.  

This tank is approximately 65000 gallons (by the math).  





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Item Description:

Up for sale at Northstate Auctions Buy it Now!

Tri Hull Aluminum Pontoon, Pumper boat/Work boat.  This boat is in fantastic condition, while it has seen service, it is very well built and it was not abused in its prior life.  The heavy duty construction of this vessel is perfect for any marina of septic operator that needs marine pumpout capacities.  

Custom made for a local marina by Campbel Craft Custom Boat Works, in Oroville Ca.   This is a heavy duty working boat for any marina or harbor.  The boat is approximately 36 foot long and 14 foot wide.  It is powered by twin Mercruiser 3.0, 4 cylinder engines coupled with Mercury Alpha outdrives. 

The marine pumpout system is a Waubaushene CHR600-C pumpout.  The marine pumpout unit is powered by the Westerbeke gas generator.  Capacity is 600 gallons.  The holding tank is galvanized steel and is in excellent condition.  

The boat and pumper has an onboard 8KW Westerbeke gas powered generator.  

The controls are housed in an aluminum pilothouse with all gauges and even a propane heater for those cold days on the water.  There are plenty of windows for great visibility  and safety when motoring or working. 

There is a 300 gallon freshwater tank housed midships in the center pontoon.  The boat also has washdown water capability.  

The boat comes with its own trailer.  You can transport it to your facility, or you can use the trailer to service multiple facilities.  

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Item Description:

Stone Construction Equipment Walk-behind gas powered Concrete Grinder


A Stone Cretemower cuts a lot more than just concrete. That's because it can trim labor costs and save time, too, by eliminating mistakes. Use it to grind, smooth and clean excess concrete off any dry or hardened concrete surface or slab.

Grind down rough spots 75 percent faster than abrasive stones with the Stone Cretemower with a diamond-studded mowing head. The high-quality industrial diamond head, with 10 or 20 cutting segments, works faster than any known conventional method.

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Item Description:

1954 Kaiser Manhattan, Sedan, 4-Door, 6-Cyl

Up for sale is a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan, Sedan with 4-doors and a 6-Cyl. Take a look at the photos and please call us at (530) 534-9956 to schedule an appointment to take a look at it or reply via email. Thank you.

The history of Kaiser:
In 1951, Frazer debuted a new design that would continue until the
company's end of U.S. passenger car production in 1955. Designed by
Howard "Dutch" Darrin, the cars were longer, lower, and swoopier. The
top-of-the-line Manhattan cost just over $3,000, and fewer than 300 were
produced in all.

The Frazer Manhattan was available as either a four-door sedan or a
four-door convertible and carried a look that was not shared with sister
Kaiser models. The sedan resembled a convertible with the top up as it had
minor creases at the B- and C-pillars, meant to evoke convertible top bows.
A 226-cid, 115-hp, six-cylinder engine was used, and the motor was mated to
a Hydra-Matic transmission for the first time.

For 1952, the Manhattan name was shifted to the Kaiser nameplate, and the
car received a markedly different exterior that was consistent with the rest of
the brand. Most notably, a pronounced dip adorned the center of the
windshield and rear glass, and the grille had a simple top bar that curved
around the front fenders. For this model year, body style choices were
greatly revised, as the convertible model was removed, a club coupe and a
two-door sedan were added, and Traveler configurations could be ordered.
List prices dropped considerably, and production numbers were much higher.

The 1953 model year was mostly the same, though the Manhattan could be
ordered with "Bambu" interior, and body choices were limited to a two-door
club sedan, and four-door sedan, and a Traveler sedan. For 1954, Darrin
redesigned the Manhattan's grille in a new "jet air-scoop" design, supposedly
borrowed from the Buick XP-300 show car. More importantly a McCulloch
supercharger became standard on the Manhattan's old flathead six, which
boosted output to 140 hp. Even so, sales dropped to 4,325 Manhattans.
By 1955, it was all over. Only 1,231 supercharged Manhattans were built that
year, with 1,021 being sent to Argentina. The tooling was sent down to
Buenos Aires and the Kaiser Manhattans continued to be sold in South
America until 1962 as the Carabella.

The Kaiser-Frazer Manhattan is a rare and eye-catching car today. When
new they were fairly luxurious, and the supercharged cars in particular
provided adequate power. The four-door convertible is an interesting body
style, and the 1951 models are particularly handsome. The 1955 Manhattans
sold in the U.S. are also quite collectible due to their rarity and performance.
Locating a Manhattan in top condition is possibly the hardest part of owning

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Item Description:

John Deere 2008 Electric Turf Gator


June 29, 2000 production

Fresh Batteries

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Item Description:

John Deere Gator 6x4


1127 hours indicated on hour meter

Good Tires

Strong Engine



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Item Description:

Hours 1998.4
Side shift with fork positioner 4 lever
Lifting height 146 inches see through standard mast
5600 lb. capacity
Propane fuel
Pneumatic tires
Super - Sidewall Front Hi- Ply Construction
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Item Description:

As is, where is, forklift rotator.  Must Sell!

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Item Description:

Heavy Duty Forklift Rotator removed from a working lift.  Ready to bolt on and go.

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Item Description:

Low Boy Semi Trailer

Selling today is a basically unused Ex-Air Force Low Boy Semi Trailer.  

20 ton capacity

35 foot deck length

Hardwood Deck, 

Movable winches, 

Tool box

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Item Description:

Vin# 3C4FY48895T576082

Mileage indicated: 102,500

5-speed manual transmission

Current registration and smogged (8/16/2017) - $45 DMV processing fee

Clear Title

All maintenance current including:

Timing belt/head work



Tires recently purchased (see tread photos)



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Item Description:

Nearly new 2016 Carbo Mizer 550

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Vessel

Model # MIZER 550

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Item Description:

Up for sale is a 1964 Clark C50B Forklift. The unit shows 0945 hours on the meter. The forklift starts right up and runs very smoothly. Shows signs use and age which includes some rust, scratches, and scuffs. Seat is also a little worn. This is a very good reliable machine and is sure to work through anything you throw at it. I have taken photos of what I believe are angles that are important to show, but if you would like additional photos, please feel free to message us and we will get them to you ASAP. We are currently only offering local pick up on this forklift. We will assist with finding a freight company for shipping if needed.


Hours: 0945

Serial Number: C50B160626T064

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Item Description:

Vin# 1UYVS2482PU910104

S# US2R GVWR 65,000 48-102

Tandem Axle Air Ride

Aluminum Floor Roll-Up and Curbside Door

Sliding Tandem Axel

Thermo King, Super II, T-Max

Refer Hours: 7,403

Insulated Waltco Tailgate – 5,500 lb capacity

Goodyear 285/75R 24.5 Tires Good Condition

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