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Item #0096: First Solar Series 3 Black Plus PV Module, Advanced thin film solar technology

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First Solar's advanced thin film solar modules have set the industry benchmark
with over 8 gigawatts (GW) installed worldwide and a proven performance
advantage over conventional crystalline silicon solar modules. Generating up to
8% more energy than competing modules with the same power rating,
First Solar's Series 3 Black Plus PV Modules deliver superior performance and

Proven energy yield advantage:
        • Up to 8% more energy than conventional crystalline silicon solor modules
           with the same power
        • Superior temperature coefficient (-0.29%/°C) resulting in greater energy
           yield in typical field operating temperatures
        • Superior spectral response resulting in a proven energy yield advantage in
           humid environments
Advanced performance & reliability:
        • Improved long-term power-output and extended reliability test performance
        • Highly predictable energy in all climates and applications
        • Reliable performance in high temperature, high humidity, extreme desert
           and coastal environments
Mechanical description:
        • Length:         1200mm
        • Width:            600mm
        • Weight:            12kg
        • Thickness:   6.8mm
        • Area:             0.72m²
        • Connectors:  MC4^6
        • Bypass Diode: None
        • Cell Type:         CdS/CdTe semiconductor, 146 active cells
        • Frame Material: None
        • Cover Type:      3.2mm heat strengthened front glass laminated
           to 3.2mm tempered back glass
        • Encapsulation: Series 3 Black Laminate material with edge seal
Model number:                     FS-395-Plus
Nominal Power (± 5%):           95 W
Current at mpp:                    1.92 A
Voltage at mpp:                    49.5 V
Short Circuit Current:          2.10 A
Open Circuit Voltage:           61.5 V
Maximum System Voltage: 1000 V
Maximum Series Fuse:          3.5 A
Protection Class:                   Class II
CellType:                                 CdTe
Fire Rating:                             Class B
Specifications (+/-10%) at STC: Irrad. 1000 W/m2, AM 1.5, Cell T 25
Module ratings at STC^(1,2):
        • Nominal Power (± 5%):      PMPP (W) 95.0
        • Voltage at PMAX:                VMPP (V) 45.8
        • Current at PMAX:                 IMPP (A) 2.08
        • Open Circuit Voltage:           VOC (V) 58.0
        • Short Circuit Voltage:            ISC (A) 2.29
        • Maximum System Voltage:VSYS (V) 1000
        • Limited Reverse Current:        IR (A) 4.0
        • Maximum Series Fuse:          ICF (A) 4.0
Module ratings at 800W/m², NOCT³ 45°C, AM 1.5²:
        • Nominal Power (± 5%):    PMPP (W) 71.6
        • Voltage at PMAX:              VMPP (V) 42.7
        • Current at PMAX:               IMPP (A) 1.68
        • Open Circuit Voltage:         VOC (V) 54.8
        • Short Circuit Voltage:           ISC (A) 1.85
Temperature characteristics:
        • Temperature Coefficent of PMPP:  Tk (PMPP) -0.29%/°C
        • Temperature Coefficent of VOC:    Tk (VOC) -0.28%/°C
        • Temperature Coefficent of ISC:      Tk (PMPP) +0.04%/°C

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