Jeep Generations Collection, a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Up for sale is a unique collection of Military Jeeps that spans all generations, from a 1945 Willys MB to a 1968 AMC M151A1. Our founder has been collecting these Jeeps for decades and has decided to sell his collection in its entirety.   

Over the past decades, our founder collected the cream of what came by our doors, and stored them away in his personal collection. As we are also one of the biggest Jeep Parts distributors in the USA this was a relatively easy task, both to find these jewels and to refit them with whatever parts that were needed. Parts can be found at www.surplusjeep.com.

BUY IT NOW! At Northstate auctions.

BUY IT NOW page.  Click here to see some great equipment and items that are for sale here at  Northstateauctions.com. If you have any questions please give us a call at 530-534-9956

Location: Oroville, CA
Fri, April 18 - Thu, September 25

Your Consignments Wanted!

We want your consignments!  If you have just one item or a whole shop, we want to auction for you.  

Here at Northstate auctions we specialize in estates, bankruptcy, business closings, liquidations, and we especially specialize in the small guy that has one item that he needs to sell.  

We can accept items at our secure auction building anytime during the week.  OR, we can come to your location and do a sale at your place.  We can also transport large items for your convenience.  

You might be asking," What items make a good auction?"   Well, the answer is, Absolutely anything!  Unique and strange items are always fun, we also love antique and vintage cars, and really anything antique or vintage.  We love equipment, tools, machines, trucks, tractors, boats, construction equipment and materials,  the list is kind-of endless.  

Give us a call today, or send an e-mail and I will personally call you to set up an appointment to see and evaluate your items.  

We look forward to meeting you and turning that old junk aka (precious items) into green cash that you can use.  

Thank you for all of your support. 


Walter Seidenglanz. 


Location: Marysville, CA
UPCOMING AUCTION  Tue, February 10 - Thu, February 12

With the closing of Wright's Mouldings and Counter Tops comes the opportunity to find just the right equipment and materials to do your own do-it-yourself projects. From major industrial equipment to everyday items, this auction has what you need!

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Location: Oroville, CA
UPCOMING AUCTION  Tue, February 17 - Thu, February 19

Something you will LOVE to see with this February's St. Valentine Auction. Plenty to see, so enjoy looking for something you just can't do without!

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Location: Oroville, CA

Christmas Custom Chopper

Just in time for Christmas we are auctioning an amazing custom chopper.  This gorgeous unit starts at $5.00 but get in there early as I do not expect it to stay that inexpensive for very long.  

Take a look at the detail and customization on this beautiful unit.  

The owner of this custom motorcycle informs me that all of the proceeds that he receives for the sale of this unit will go towards helping a local ministry called Alliance Kingdom Builders, a Ministry dedicated to helping those in our community that can not help them selves.  Learn more at www.AKBuilders.org

Unit sold on Approval 



Location: Redding, CA


New and improved as in lacking all of the technological glitches that plagued the last sale.  We have gone through and combed through all of the lots, we have eliminated doubles, and we have made double sure that all of the items are actually there.  

We now proudly present The New and Improved Precast auction of architectural concrete shapes and items located at Universal Precast in Redding California.  

Hundreds, if not thousands of architectural precast concrete items will be up for sale in this auction.  Two separate, precast business have teamed up to combine and offer their fantastic items for your auction pleasure. 

Fire pits, waste containers, signs, benches, tables, fountains, retaining walls, vaults, spheres, are just some of the items and shapes that are offered in this gigantic sale. 

And if the items you are seeing aren't quite right, consider "hacks" to re-purpose these durable art objects into your own use and design.  Trash cans into planters, panels into pavers, if the sign has the wrong name on it, fill it , stucco it and put your information on it.  The possibilities are endless and are limited only to your imagination.  

Take a further look at the ornamental balustrades, stair risers, spheres, fountains, and fireplace surrounds.  There are so many items that I am sure you will find something that you have to have.  

These precast items range from new old stock firsts, to over runs, wrong colors and even seconds.  Be sure to preview to make sure of what it is that you are buying as everything will start at $5.00 and absolutely everything will sell to the highest bidder, as is where is.  

Good Luck and Happy Bidding. 

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