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UPCOMING AUCTION  Sat, November 05 - Wed, November 09
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Location: Weaverville, CA
UPCOMING AUCTION  Sat, December 03 - Wed, December 07

Weaverville Garage auction.

How does your story start?  Or, more importantly, how does the story of your next classic car restoration start? Because, when you get right down to it, it all boils down to the story.  How did you find it?  Where did it come from?  What did it do in its past life?  What trials and adversity did you have to go through to procure your beautiful ride? 

If I may,  I am going to give you some potential sample “story starters” , you know, just to get you started… “I found this amazing barn find De Soto at the Weaverville Garage auction”  or “ My Buick came from an auction held in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere,  Weaverville CA” or “After battling for this Pontiac at auction and beating out 12 other bidders,  when I went to pick her up, I had to cut her free from a tree branch that had grown up through the hood or bumper or wheel well”  Or you story may start with “ The owner of this garage in Weaverville bought this Oldsmobile Tornado for his wife, but then had her park it and never put any miles on it”.  With over 50 vintage barn/field find vehicles in this sale there are going to be hundreds of ways to start your story about how, where, when you got your uber cool vintage car, truck, station wagon. 

The vehicles we have found include a 49 Ford pickup, several Dodge trucks from the 50s and 60s.  A Corvair station wagon,  a Ford Fairlane, convertible Buicks, Studebakers, a couple of International Scouts, A Studebaker truck, several Chevrolet El Caminos,  I also saw a Hudson Pacemaker, a DeSoto Oldsmobile Toronado, Pontiac Lemans coupe, a Pontiac Ventura Spirit, Ford Maverick, Dodge Coronet, a Ford Galaxy 500, there is even a Vintage GMC short bus,  the list goes on and on, check out the sale list to see them all! These are true field find automobiles, some of them even have trees growing out of the hoods or grills.  It doesn’t get any more “field find” than stuff growing out of the vehicle. 

The proprietor of Weaverville Garage collected cars, boats, tools and stuff from the Hwy 299 corridor for over 50 years.  His legacy is up for sale at auction and what an amazing treasure trove of stuff!

This auction will have machine tools, shop tools, muffler installation equipment, welders, car lifts, diagnostic tools, tractors, a backhoe,  boats, vintage field and barn find automobiles, I am told there is even a plane in one of the storage units.  There are outbuildings full of stuff that we haven’t even seen yet!  There is stuff, stuff and more stuff. 

A word to the wise.  This is a remote location.  It is over two hours from our home office.  We can’t just run up and help you load out after the allotted time, and the Estate manager has no interest in getting muddy and loading cars for weeks.  So PLEASE pay attention to the load out days, and communicate with us if you have issues.  NO payments will be taken at the site!

Also, these are cars that were dragged in and dropped off, in some instances decades ago.  Most of them do not run, and for the record, EVERYTHING at this sale is sold absolutely AS IS WHERE IS!  In some instances you will need tires and wheels with air in them, you may even need a rolling axle,  you may need a chain saw, you may need a winch or come along, you may need tools.   You are going to need help, and you will need plenty of patience as there will be others in your way or vice versa.  I am just encouraging you to be prepared.   Oh, and did I mention that Weaverville is the wild wild west? Miles from anywhere, and very little in terms of services AKA no Walmart…

But enough of all of that… enjoy the auction offering.  Get in there early and bid, bid often, and win that awesome antique, vintage car that you have your heart set on. 

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Location: Oroville, CA


North State Auctions  specializes in Business & Estate Liquidation, Bankruptcy Services, Farm Equipment, Construction Equipment, Government Surplus and Vehicles of all kinds. 

Our company assists banks, bankruptcy trustees, corporations, companies and individuals with all aspects of asset management. Weather you have one item or an entire business you wish to liquidate, we can help.  VALUATIONS, TRANSPORTATION, SECURE STORAGE, DMV DEALER & FFL DEALER

We accept items at our secure warehouse. Or we can to come to your location and assess if an auction at your site would work best.

We offer transportation of items for your convenience. 

You might be asking," What items make a good auction?"   Well, the answer is, almost anything!

Items that bring the most value: Heavy equipment, tools, machinery, cars, trucks, tractors, watercraft  construction equipment and  Antiques.

CALL TODAY! Or send an e-mail and I will personally call you to set up an appointment to evaluate your items. info@northstateauctions.com

Let us put our expertise and marketing to use for you. 

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We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for your support.

 Walter Seidenglanz


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Jeep Generations Collection, a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Up for sale is a unique collection of Military Jeeps that spans all generations, from a 1945 Willys MB to a 1968 AMC M151A1. Our founder has been collecting these Jeeps for decades and has decided to sell his collection in its entirety.   

Over the past decades, our founder collected the cream of what came by our doors, and stored them away in his personal collection. As we are also one of the biggest Jeep Parts distributors in the USA this was a relatively easy task, both to find these jewels and to refit them with whatever parts that were needed. Parts can be found at www.surplusjeep.com.

Main Location: Oroville, CA ...

Fall Auction

Our latest AUCTION event will blow you away!

With the closure of a sports bar up north, you will find great choices in large flat-screen TV's, bar collectibles including beer lights, lantern light fixtures, and metal signs. Also bar stools, stoves, drink machines, refrigerators and so much more.

You all asked for more SOLAR PANELS so here they are! over 20 lots to choose from.

We also have for your viewing and bidding pleasure items from a Boutique that has closed it's doors. Beautiful new items for your Boutique or home closet including: New jeans, blouses, jackets, shirts, hats, purses, scarves and more. Just in time for the cooler weather!

 * There will be hundreds of items to choose from. You will see machinery, sports equipment, vintage items, hardware and furniture for every need. In addition, over a hundred lots of big box store power tools and outdoor equipment.  

So check out our latest, and enjoy the hunt!





Main Location: Oroville, CA ...

Hot August Deals

The HOTTEST month of the year, for temps and DEALS! 

We have an entire motorcycle shop of items to auction off. Hundreds of NOS (New Old Stock) items for you to bid on. You don't want to miss these!

We have 3 stores that have gone out of business that are auctioning off all of their store hardware, fixtures, furniture and food court items: Big screen TV's, cash registers, clothing racks, manikins, SALES posters, computers, tables, chairs & high chairs, trash receptacles, counters, hangers, wood flooring, massage chairs, display racks & shelving, electronics and so much more! If you are wanting to open your own store this is the place to find most of everything you need. 

You will also find a variety of things from our monthly consignors from home decor to tools and collectibles. 



Location: Oroville, CA

Solar Panels & More August Warehouse Liquidation

Northstate Auctions is clearing out another warehouse! That means great new items like: electric carts, cars, trucks, Industrial vehicles, industrial equipment, boats, restaurant items, enclosed trailers and so much more. 

It also includes excess from several northern California businesses including items from an honest to goodness working gold mine, unused solar panels from a now bankrupt Solar panel producer and machine tools including lathes and mills from two different machine working/metal working businesses.  

(As always, if your business has excess equipment, or needs to downsize, Northstate Auctions can help, We can even pick up your items and transport them here!)

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